Costume camouflage

When I was younger, Transformers: Robots in Disguise were all the rage. The multipurpose machines dazzling kids all over the world with their amazing feats of alteration.

Unfashionable Skirts: Vending Machines in Disguise however may not have quite the same impact.

vending machine skirt

With this attire having such a limited use, it will presumably remain a one-off piece of art rather than making it as a mass-produced garment/cloaking device. That said, it could be useful for criminals wanting to evade the police. Or alternatively, a wacky aid for pranksters looking to surprise thirsty commuters.

vending machine

Like these unsuspecting and not very observant beverage buyers.

vending machine japan

Nefarious net

The recent arrest of a woman and her internet hired hitman has highlighted the influence the web is having on real-life crime in Japan. The female in question having allegedly hired someone to kill her boyfriend’s wife; the ‘service’ being found on a website under the innocuous sounding “troubles in daily life” heading.

The same site apparently offers a whole host of similar services, from “strategic advice” for a modest 10,000 yen (50 pound), to “carrying out a purpose on behalf of a client” for a rather more pricey 100,000 yen.

Not that it’s the only place of its kind on the web, as in April this year, a man from Nagoya was stabbed to death at home; the killer found by the victim’s wife through an internet dating service. And even though the murderer presumably had other things on his mind when he claimed, “I’ll do anything you want”, he remained true to his word – dutifully carrying out his date’s wishes.

Similarly, a man from Shiga Prefecture was arrested two years ago on suspicion of murder; hired online by a man in Tokyo. Plus there’s the case of a company president employing a boy to kill him so that his beneficiary would receive money from his insurance policy. And if such crimes aren’t disturbing enough, a female student recently asked a man she met on a website to find people who were planning on committing suicide to kill her.

Grim stuff indeed, and behaviour that makes the practice of trawling the web for hours on end in search of pornography seem altogether respectable – quaint even.

Not that the FBI would agree.

Canine connoisseurs

It has to be said that on occasions, pet lovers can go a bit too far. Such things as dog dye and cat cosplay outfits adequately proving the point. Yet even these preposterous products seem semi-sensible compared to dog wine.

dog wine

A beverage that for all those interested can be purchased from the internet shopping site Rakuten. A snip at 400 yen (2 pound) a bottle. Glass not included.

doggie wine

Whilst the drink is just non-alcoholic grape juice, man’s best friend appears none the wiser. The classy canine below demurely sipping on a glass of the stuff. A nice treat for any pooch after successfully defecating outside rather than on the living room carpet.


As an ideal companion, dog cigarettes are now rumoured to be in production, with the manufacturers looking at an early 2006 release.

Game show girlies

As far as video games go, the 2005 Tokyo Game Show was something of a let down. Microsoft to its credit had the Xbox 360 up and running, yet the playable games on offer hardly sent the pulse racing. Sony on the other hand managed to do nothing but frustrate, showing only videos of future PlayStation 3 software, the majority of which contained very little (if any) in-game footage.

Thankfully the ubiquitous booth babes saved the day, the scantily clad young ladies more than making up for the lack of quality games on offer.

japanese cutie

Yet amazingly, this bevy of beauties was upstaged by the event’s massive cosplay contingent. A few of which drew huge crowds due to their looks and outlandish outfits. These three stunners in particular garnered a lot of well-deserved interest.

cosplay freaks

However despite the coy smiles and tasteful wigs, I think it was the shapely legs and green leotard of the group’s feminine leader that grabbed most people’s attention.

cosplay beauty

(Click on the images for larger leotard loveliness)

Sharp shooter

In an act that simply beggars belief, a mid-ranking employee of electronics giant Sharp has been arrested for pouring his own excretion over a stranger.

It appears that 39-year-old Kazumasa Kurimoto took the trouble of carefully collecting his excreta in a plastic bottle. Then inexplicably he went out in his car, driving up behind an unsuspecting female victim and emptying the contents of the container over her. He then sped off; leaving the poor woman in a state that simply doesn’t bear thinking about.


Fortunately an eyewitness took note of the discharge devotee’s number plate, which eventually led to Kurimoto’s arrest. Under questioning the section manager admitted to the allegations, attempting to explain his behaviour by saying, “I did it for fun.”

With fourteen similar cases in the area remaining unsolved, it appears Kurimoto-san may have been enjoying himself a little bit too much of late. Although as of writing he hasn’t confessed to any other excreta related incidents.