Bright Shinjuku, dark looks

Unlike some of the more glamorous areas of Tokyo, Shinjuku is very much on the gritty side; its dingy alleyways and litter-strewn streets giving it a distinctly down to earth feel.

But, when the sun shines it appears altogether brighter, with only the looks being very obviously dirty.

Japanese dirty looks


  1. Matt says

    I’m guessing that in Japan even if people are unhappy about it, they will rarely confront you about it. He dfinitely makes the shot.

    • says

      Definitely. He’s the reason for the shot. In fact he is the shot.

      Some people will. Or at least they’ll tell you not to before you get the chance. But no, generally a dirty look is as far as most people go.

      • ron says

        I think the child in teh stroller makes the shot – maybe because I have two kids of my own!

        • says

          Interesting. Always fascinated by how differently people see the same image. The Hello Kitty hat at an endearingly odd angle was only something I noticed when I uploaded the photo. A nice little detail that I was very happy about.

  2. Theresa Amlong says

    You crack me up! That shot is great as that character is right where the eye is drawn, but your narratives are the best!

    • says

      Hmm, never even considered that. Depending where I am I’m pretty careful, but in the middle of a busy street seemed safe enough. Hopefully that’ll always be the case.

      • Squidpuppy says

        Is it still the case that most folks consider wearing sunglasses to be a sign of Yakuza? Very few Japanese seem to wear sunglasses regularly… I just find that weird. If the sun is bright, wear sunglasses; better for your eyes.

        • says

          They certainly still aren’t as popular as in many other countries, but a lot more people seem to wear them these days. Pretty sure the yakuza connection isn’t relevant anymore either.

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