An old Tokyo strip club entrance

The land opposite the clearly long-established strip club below is currently undergoing huge reconstruction — development that when finished will have a detrimental impact on the wonderfully seedy, rather down-at-heel atmosphere the district once had. A move that while beneficial in some ways, will at the same time create yet another sanitised, chain saturated area so common in today’s increasingly converging towns and cities.

But, despite such progress, this dated, brightly lit stripper is still hard at work — cheekily attempting to entice customers just like she has done for years. An image that for me at least is a local landmark of sorts, and regardless of what’s going on around her, she’ll hopefully remain that way for a long time to come.

Tokyo strip club


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      It is, isn’t it? It’s an image that has always fascinated me. Amidst all the neon signs for modern hostess bars and adult-orientated shops, its retro titillation seems wonderfully out of place.

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    I love this image. Cheeky, but classic in it’s own right. Do you know what is going up across from her? It seems a shame that soon she’ll be overshadowed by anything.

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      Yeah, despite what she’s advertising, and her lack of clothing, it’s almost innocent.

      Not sure what it’ll be, but it’s a huge plot, so a towering structure of some sort I presume.

  2. Les Revenants says

    An evocative pic alright.

    Yes, a student discount, but not for those under 18! Certainly narrows it down…

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      Japanese youngsters don’t go to Uni until they are 18, so they may well get a good number of students making the most of the discount.

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    Famous landmark for Tokyo photographers. A real Showa atmosphere, nostalgic, and somehow chaste a picture regarding to nowadays standards. A classic!

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