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Shadowy Ueno?

Tokyo’s Ueno district may well be home to some of the city’s most important museums, but it’s also where many of the poorest call home too. The area’s park in particular shelters an increasingly obvious number of the capital’s growing homeless population, creating an odd environment where day-trippers and the destitute show utter indifference to one another.

Thrown into this unusual mix is also Ameyoko; a decidedly working class shopping district that in post-war Japan was a well-known black market — elements of which are really not hard to imagine even today.

old Ameyoko

And just like the wider area, it provides glimpses of both light and dark, old and new.

Ueno’s Ameyoko

Up, up and Ueno?

There’s a real grittiness to many parts of east Tokyo; areas that often feel a world away from the capital’s more glitzy districts. And Ueno, with its old shopping streets and very visible homeless population, in many ways epitomises this more unforgiving side of the city.

But while some people understandably look down or round about them, others appear to be much more interested in what may be beyond.


Ueno character(s)

They definitely don’t have the same fame and following as those in Shibuya and Harajuku, but Ueno’s old-fashioned shops do have more character. And without a doubt more characters.

Like this old fella for example. A man who may well have had to hire somebody younger to help out, but it’s still hard to see him ever leaving — at least while he has the legs for it.

Ueno old man

A way of life which undoubtedly works for him, and in many ways, Ueno as well.

Ueno old man