Death at the foot of a mountain?

Tucked away near a coastal road at the foot of the stunning Saw Mountain, this abandoned car looked oddly serene — arguably even beautiful in its overgrown and lush surroundings.

Japanese suicide car

But on closer inspection, its appearance masks a much darker story. Or at least it appears that way. As inside is what looks very much like a charcoal burner.

Japanese suicide car

A grim scenario that could well explain the unusual location of the car, and its abandoned state. But if it does, one can only hope that the person(s) involved had a last minute change of heart. Or if they didn’t, then somebody, somehow, managed to intervene before it was too late…

Tattoos and a relaxing sake in a Tokyo bar

Tokyo can be a horribly frantic city. One that all too often barely gives its residents time to breathe. But amidst the crowds and seemingly incessant noise, there are pockets of calm to be found. Places where one can sit down. Have an afternoon sake. And let the hustle and bustle slowly fade away.

Tattooed Tokyo sake drinker